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Controversial: Attending Physicians Denying Responsibility?

Unfortunately, I have been too busy of late to say much about the two new Coding Clinic editions, which came out nearly at the same time, due to being in the midst of preparing for the new ICD-10 codes that became effective Oct. 1. Certainly there are many that merit further study and conversation, but […]

Fear and Gloating in our Presidential Transition

Let me rephrase the title of the classic book Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72, published around the time Nixon won reelection, to label this article Fear and Gloating on the Campaign Trail of ’16 (and please forgive me if I offend anyone; we psychiatrists sometimes say undesired things).  Fear is our natural, […]

ICD-10 Coding: The Medical Necessity of Nasogastric Feeding Tubes

 The insertion of nasogastric (NG) tubes is a common practice in most hospitals. As more facilities begin to capture and code this procedure, correct ICD-10-PCS code assignment is necessary. This article explores key details associated with coding the insertion of nasogastric tubes in ICD-10. Common Procedure for Many Patients NG intubation is medically necessary for […]