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Shocking Revelation About Septic Shock

It has been almost a week since I published a rant about my many complaints with regard to ICD-10 or the state of affairs concerning audits and “clinical validation.” In a departure from my usual editorialized op ed, I wanted to shift gears and write about something from a more academic perspective. In this case, […]

Reaching Agreement on Accurate Coding and DRG Assignment

Got denials? This article is about building relationships between hospitals and payers. Hospitals in our country are currently taking one or more of the following three steps in some form, with the goal of reaching agreements with insurance companies and other payers. Step No. 1: Documentation “Code assignment is not based on clinical criteria used […]

New Year, New Policies, New Challenges

Jan. 1 always brings fresh starts, both personal and professional. Many of us focus on how we can make improvements for the new year. Whether it is fitness, motivational, financial, or transformational, they all require the same thing: dedication and consistency. The same holds true in our professional lives, and January always reminds us of […]