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Ten Things about Oct. 1 that Coders and CDI Specialists Need to Know Now!

The 2017 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) final rule brings with it a number of changes that are likely to have an even bigger impact on documentation, coding, and revenue than ICD-10 itself. An unprecedented number of dramatic changes will go into effect on Oct. 1. I knew that things were going to be interesting […]

Coding Conundrum: Clinical Indicators for Code Assignment

With the 2017 ICD-10-CM and PCS coding update on the horizon, we in the healthcare industry have a lot to talk about. One of the most important and possibly controversial updates affects Section I of the ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting. This new guideline, titled Code assignment and Clinical Criteria,specifically addresses the growing […]

End of Medicare ICD-10 Grace Period Prompts Call for More Education

Laurie Johnson Sandra Brewton Renewed interest in ICD-10 education has been prompted by the announcement last Thursday from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) indicating that the Medicare ICD-10 flexibilities agreement will end and will not be extended beyond Oct. 1, 2016. CMS also stated that Medicare would not “phase in” the requirement […]